New Standard Academy

Erica Barnett a ninth grader saved her money to create an Easter Basket for a 2nd grader who has been facing some challenges. Wow!!! What an amazing gesture! We appreciate you Erica Barnett!!! #TNS STRONG

New Standard Erica Barnett

The administration of The New Standard Academy would like to formally welcome coach Andre Rison to our team. We cannot be more excited about the future and all of the opportunity and accountability for the students it will bring. Let’s go Spartans!!

New Standard Coach Andre Rison

Do we need to say more!?!? She is being recognized for her uplifting/positive spirit, Her willingness to help and her ability to go above and beyond the call of duty for ANYONE! (Did we mention that she can complete 653,480 tasks at one time??)

Congrats Mrs. Saelens! We appreciate you!

New Standard Golden RulerNew Standard Golden Ruler

Thanks to all of the special guests readers we had on Thursday! You all made such a wonderful impact on and in our school. In addition I would like to thank MTSS for their efforts to make Real Men Read day amazing!!!! Saelens, Hosie, Burton, Cox, Tutt, Williams, and Clark, you guys rock. Thanks so much for making the day all that it was. Thanks to Sublett and ML for controlling the flow through the office.

New Standard Real Men Read

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