New Standard Academy

The Principal's Corner

With Correy Black

Principal, The New Standard Academy

As part of the academy’s promise to keep all its stakeholders informed I wanted to update you on the status of the coronavirus as well as the academy’s continued effort to provide instruction and food during these unprecedented times. We truly hope all of you are well during this time and remain well until school resumes.

Just over a week ago Governor Whitmer called for schools to close in Michigan. At that time there were two confirmed cases of COVID-19. Just one week later that number sits at over 330 people now infected and at least one person has died.  While we are still on the upswing of this virus we want to caution everyone to please stay in unless it is absolutely necessary to go out.  Utilize social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus and remember the elderly are still the most heavily at risk to lose their life. So please be smart if you must go out. At present the academy is closed until April 6th. Should things change we will notify you through all of our media outlets.

All students have work they should be completing. While we are not allowed to be in the physical school building, we still can push forward with educating. Kindergarten through second grade, there are packets for you here at the building to be picked up. We can also mail those home if you contact the office. Third through tenth grade your classes have moved to a “virtual” platform, utilizing both Khan Academy and Google Classroom. Please make sure your students are logging in daily to see what work they have to do. We have also set up conference call lines by grade for additional help from teachers; those call numbers, access codes, and times can be found on our website and our Facebook page! A huge shout-out to all who have called in for additional help and to those who are knocking out their assignments! Parents please continue to push your children and stress the importance of learning during this time.

In addition, food distribution will continue Monday, March 23rd. At present we are preparing over 10,000 meals to be delivered on Monday! Meal packages include breakfast and lunch for a week! Please see our Facebook page, website, or the postings at our main entrance for food distribution locations and times. A huge thank you to our food service program and our transportation department for prepping meals. Please stay safe, exercise caution, and remember the academy will always be here to help our population and community in any way needed!

Correy Black MPH, E.S.
The New Standard Academy
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