New Standard Academy

The Principal's Corner

With Correy Black

Principal, The New Standard Academy

Wow!!! Do not look now, but we have almost reached SPRING BREAK!!!! I truly hope all of you have been staying safe and following the guidelines as instructed by the state. The school is buzzing with learners and we are currently in the process of turning up learner accountability. The state has decided to go ahead and continue with the administration of the MSTEP. Testing will commence on the other side of spring break in early April. We WILL do our best to prepare your child for absolute success. HOWEVER, if we are going to successfully prepare them they must be attending EVERY class session. I cannot stress this enough. Many of our students are picking and choosing when to come to class. As a reminder all students who are virtual MUST attend Zoom classes. There is no excuse why they are not receiving instruction. As parents, we must value the importance of education and do all in our power to make sure students are present daily. Teachers, the engagement task force, and myself have called students who have yet to fully engage in the TNS learning experience. In addition, we have made visits and sent home multiple letters regarding attendance. If students are to succeed we can NEVER find a reason for them to not be in attendance for instruction.

 While we will continue to do our best, we are asking parents to become more involved in your child’s learning. Get in tune to their schedule and check nightly to make sure they are on top of things. We understand times are difficult, but we also know we MUST do what is best for kids! We will always do that. We will continue to forge new paths to success during the pandemic by consistently “doing the most” as students say. “Doing the most” has always been what we do at The New Standard Academy and is what we will continue to do as we transform to offer an even greater educational experience. Working together we will absolutely build pathways to college and beyond!!! Let’s do this!!!

Best regards,

Correy Black MPH, E.S.

The New Standard Academy
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