New Standard Academy

Some of the New Standard Academy students had the awesome opportunity to attend Black Violin last weekend at the Capitol Theatre. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly as did the staff evidenced by Mrs. Parker up dancing to the beat!!! All had a great time and a special thank you to Brandi Fisher for setting up the outing for what was surely an awesome experience.

New Standard Black Violin

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Pastor Hawkins of Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church came by and thanked Erica Barnett for doing the right thing! Erica was featured on the news for saving her allowance and creating an Easter Basket for another student who had been having some tough days. A big thank you to Erica for showing us what compassion and care look like and a HUGE thank you to Pastor Hawkins for seeing the need to recognize her!! AWESOME!!!!

New Standard Pizza Party - Erica Barnett

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Mrs. Nowakowski took her kids out to do clean up for Earth Day. The academy appreciates its students for seeing the need to keep the campus clean and to raise PRIDE in where they go to school. A big thank you to Mrs. Nowakowski for guiding her students in the RIGHT direction!

New Standard Earth DayNew Standard Earth Day

A big thank you to Mrs. Thompson for organizing our science fair!!!! The kids had so much fun and were fired up about their projects. A big thank you to Mrs. Hoffman who helped with the fair. In the picture Hoffman is helping some students make some slime. Appreciate all for your efforts!!!

New Standard Science Fair

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